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Effluent Treatment Plants

What are Effluent Treatment Plants? ETP’s are used for purifying the waste material which is an industrial waste. “These ET plants are effective in solving the environmental pollution issues without exposing to the open environment”. These remove the pollution effluent thereby meeting the stringent pollution control board norms. These are capable of treating effluents coming from different areas. Types of Effluent Plants ETP’s are designed and developed successfully for handling different conditions like, Oil Water Effluent Treatment: For treating water containing oil effluent coming from turbine building, workshops, and transformers. Service Water Effluent Treatment: For treating effluents containing turbidity and suspended solids. Sludge Handling System: For treating sludge’s coming from various processes. Coal handling effluent treatment Plant: For treating effluents from coal handling plants. Coal Storage Effluent Treatment: Effluents from coal storage is collected and treated. Features of Effluent Treatment plants ETP’s are designed and developed successfully for handling different conditions like, Neutralizes the wastewater Reduces the level of chemicals like lime, chlorine, and alum Reduces the power consumption Reduction in sludge amount thereby avoiding the further treatment Eco-friendly making the environment fresh and healthy Industrial ETP applications Effluent treatment plants are utilized in various industries such as Cement industry Rice mills Dyeing industry Pharmaceutical industry Textile industry Paper industry Dairy products industry Mining industry Fermentation industry Ceramic industry Paint industry Where it ? Reduces the sewage effluent as per the norms Capable of making the effluent for reuse Removes the odor from effluent completely Cuts off the running cost of ETP



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